The Virtue of Virginity

There I was on the shuttle bus, speeding along from campus to campus, cramming in some last minute knowledge before my quiz.

As I sat pouring over my notes, the topic of conversation of three lads overhead had turned to sex. I tried to focus on the studying at hand, but my attention was being drawn into their discussion.

I heard one of them mutter something about “not putting the pussy on a pedestal”. A line straight out of 40 Year old Virgin. These boys were far from forty, and the rest of the conversation revealed that they weren’t virgins either.

It was like ‘Show and Tell’ as each guy disclosed the details of their first romp in the sack.

One indicated that if he hadn’t lost “it” by his 20th birthday, he would have arranged it. Yes, [he meant an escort]. Luckily, it was just a month before his birthday when he finally did the deed. What a gift! He even recalls the shirt he wore; now dubbed his ‘lucky shirt’.

The tall one proudly stated the exact date that he went from boy to man, and he’s closing in on one year. Happy Anniversary!

They then took to talking about classes, projects and professors, and I lost interest.

Their chat left me pondering the similarities among the sexes. He remembered what he was wearing the day he chucked his V-card. The other had the date etched in his mind forever.

Maybe we’re not that different after all.

P.S.: I ended up doing rather well on my quiz 🙂

One Reply to “The Virtue of Virginity”

  1. Why was his 20th birthday the expiration date for his virginity, I wonder? And it’s sad to think that most of the time, the best before dates are many years prior to twenty… I will never understand!

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