Boy Talk

I had the rare opportunity to be a fly on the wall for guys’ night not too long ago.

I always wondered if all they really spoke about was sex. Even with me there, the discussion did comprise mostly of the latter.

What I took away from the conversation was the key to nabbing a guy. And, the key is … confidence.

From what I was told, if you line up a bunch of average hunnies with killer confidence and then some slightly hotter females, more often than not a guy will opt for the confident chick.

Apparently, it is all about what you project and how you carry yourself. Makes sense, I guess. A guy does not want to be carrying around all the baggage that comes with an insecure gal.

That’s not to say you must rid yourself of all insecurities instantaneously. We all have things we aren’t so keen about, both internally and externally. You may be lacking in one department, but blessed in another. Gaining confidence is not an easy feat.

The conversation had me questioning my own confidence level. How am I perceived on a guy’s radar? Which category would I fall under?

Well, for the longest time, I’ve wanted bigger breasts.

When I was in the sixth grade, my lack of endowment prompted a classmate to say, “Lamontagne, well, you don’t have big mountains.”

I know, right, pretty clever for an 11 year old. It stung, but I still had time to grow, so to speak.

Come middle school, I was dubbed “the President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee”. From one President to another, Obama will tell you the same: some things just don’t come that easily.

Puberty was around the corner, I could feel it!

Lo and behold, I have not progressed as far as I would have hoped. I’ve come to terms with my shortcomings. Sort of.

Although, when Mark Zuckerberg dissed his ex-girlfriend in the Facebook film, The Social Network, citing her 34B stood for ‘Barely there’, it hurt.

I still long for my cup to runneth over, but I suppose it wasn’t meant to be.

The sooner we accept what he have, the happier we’ll be. It’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you have.

Back to the confidence thing.. I’m working on it.

2 Replies to “Boy Talk”

  1. I can cure this! If you want your cup to runneth over, then you should just buy a smaller cup. Then it will runneth like you aint ever seen

  2. This is kind of related to what we’ve been emailing about…

    And like I said- you’ve always seemes so confident to me. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks you project “Look out world, here comes Kimmy!”

    So if confidence is all it takes for people to find you attractive, then you have nothing to worry about.

    Plus, you know- your basic attractiveness, period.

    As for the boobs: I remember having those discussions when we were younger… oh, those were the days… grandpa’s socks stuffed into nanny’s bras….

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