Resolutely Making Resolutions

It’s a new year, time to start afresh. It has become tradition for many to make drastic changes after the clock strikes midnight.

“Diet begins in the new year!” Sound familiar? Band-aid solutions do not last. As adhesive wears away, your resolution will too. Aim for small adjustments to make sure resolutions endure throughout the year.

Get active. Not to sound like Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod from Body Break but, keep fit and have fun. As opposed to saying you need to drop 10 pounds immediately, make getting healthy and working out part of a regular routine. Sign up for a yoga class. The relaxing yogic breath will come in handy once you receive your holiday Visa bill.

Go to the doctor. Be it gyno, dentist, eye doctor, don’t shrug it off. Make an appointment. In conjunction with the prior resolution, making sure you are in good health and physical condition goes hand in hand with any exercise routine.

Quit.. Something. Nix that bad habit today! I did say quick fixes don’t work, so stopping cold turkey may not be the best way to quit. Whatever it is, cigarette smoking, biting your nails, etc. ease out of it. Nicotine patches seem to do the trick, or that awful tasting nail formula.

Start something. If you’re working on the above resolution, you’ll have loads of time to contribute to this new venture. Always wanted to go sky diving? Or, master French cuisine (no, not poutine). Take a class. Get yourself out there. Try something new. Experience the unexperienced.

Volunteer. You’ve always said you’d like to. Go to a homeless shelter, an animal adoption center, or a retirement community. Pay It Forward. (It’s not just an excellent movie; it’s something to live by.)

Make time for family & friends. Don’t say, do. “We should get together!” Sometimes, it’s just a line to aid an awkward good-bye, but if you care about the person you’ve just laid that line on, follow through. Set a date. Choose a time that works for the both of you and your get-together will not slip through the cracks.

Think happy thoughts. Do not focus on that pile of bills or mounds of homework. Shift your thinking to positive things. Regale. Daydream. Try not to do too much of this at work. An exotic beach background on your computer may put some pep in your step. It works better if you actually have a vacation booked or planned for the near future. If not, just be thankful for what you do have. Count your blessings. You’re healthy, (hopefully that doctor appointment went well) and you should be happy. If not, keep reading!

Carpe Diem. Make it count. I am not saying to Eat. Pray. Love. your savings away, but live in the moment. And, it does not have to cost a cent. Appreciate things as they are happening. Often people perpetually live in the past or focus on events to come and today is forgotten. The present is a gift, so take hold and seize the day.

Be not doomed by debt. Think twice before you swipe. Even on something small like your daily cup o’ joe on the way to work. I’m not much for math, but multiply the amount of pumpkin spice lattes and the times you hit up Starbucks each week by 52 and you’ve got yourself a last minute deal on a trip down south, my friend.

Smile. If resolutions aren’t your thing, then at least give this one a shot. It does not take much effort. It is very likely you go around looking grumpy most of the time. Not only will that frown lead to premature wrinkles, but with a smile, you’re making the world a much more beautiful place.

Choose one, do ‘em all, or partake in none of the above. If you’re already a pretty perfect version of yourself, then why have you continued reading this far? Have I still got your attention? Make a change today. Think globally, act locally. Walk to the corner store instead of taking the car. There, you’ve just contributed to society and the environment (and your health; see top of list). Any effort is a good effort. Make 2011 the very best year. (Especially, if you believed what you saw in the film 2012; times a tickin’.)


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