Much Too MUCH

Stepping out of the subway, the cool air hitting my face is sobering at the realization that a dream is coming true.

A glance upwards reveals the enormous facade of Toronto’s touristic trademark: the CN tower. Its monumental size is only undermined by the momentous feeling erupting within me. Every step draws me closer to my fate as a Much Music intern for next few months.

The fear of the unknown crept upon me in recent days. What can I expect? What will they, in turn, expect? I somehow managed to remain relaxed the eve of my first day. Could it be? Could I have overcome my nauseating nerves? Probably not. Maybe with a Bachelor’s degree under my belt, several internships and jobs in the field, I am finally ready.

J-School did not prepare me for what could have been my on-screen debut, however. Who knew the skill of whistling could have put me on the tube on day 2? If physics would allow for such a high pitch sound to escape my mouth than I may have been of help to a producer for one of Much’s live segments. Oh, well, I figure it’s a good sign if such an opportunity arose on my first day.

Transcribing interviews & footage and finding fashion stories to write for the blog have been my duties thus far. I’m excited to go out on location for shoots. Mostly, I’m excited to see what my time at Much Music in the Series & Development department helping with shows like #trending, Born To Be, My Date With, etc. will entail.

Hopefully I won’t abandon Kim’s Corner for another three months like my time in the Rockies.

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