Sleepless in Southern Ontario

As I walked into Keele subway station to begin my day, I crossed paths with others who were putting an end to theirs.

Tuesday afternoons in Concordia’s CJ building flash across my mind. Guest lecturers regaled about what we were in for. Long nights, early starts, weekends, the works! Was I ready? I would soon find out.

I arrived at Islington station.. 25 minutes early. There were other people waiting for the bus, as well. What were they waiting to get to? As the rain pitter-pattered in the distance, I wondered where my fellow passengers were headed. It’s something I often think about; where people are going. If I had a day off from school and Carrefour Laval would be swamped, I thought “Don’t they work?” Or, I’d have a late start in my post-secondary studies, and as I walked to the bus stop, I questioned whether all these people could be home for lunch? What occupied their days? What did they do?

Or, has a less than pleasant encounter with someone of the rudest kind set you off? It’s a quick write off– “What a bitch!” But, I tend to ponder what happened in their day or their life to make them have such a reaction. I digress, ah, the mind wanders so early in the day [at the time of this drafting].

Back to the bus stop: The man in the jacket with the “security” badge puts me at ease. The guy in the red pants, though as admirable as his style sense may be, sets off the unease the security guard put to rest.

Why was I the only female travelling at this un-Godly hour? 5 men at first. Then 10. A girl appears. 14 of us in total. Final count: 15, excluding myself. Misery definitely enjoys company– I took comfort in knowing I was not alone in sleep deprivation.

At 1:42 AM, I open my eyes to find solely myself and an old Asian man on the bus. 1:43, he’s gone and now it’s just me.

I failed to nod off on the Mi-Way 1: the Mississauga shuttle bus that brings me from Toronto to Oakville. I am no stranger to long commutes. The journey from Laval to Montreal for college and then again in University prepared me well.

-I’d get a fair bit of reading done if I wasn’t so sleepy.
-No traffic– a rarity for the GTA (at any hour).

-Very little sleep.

The incessant sound of the abnormally loud windshield wipers was irritating. The lights could stand to be dimmed much more at that hour, (and, they got even brighter once the doors swung open). As handy as I think the automated voice that announces the impending stops is, she should be silenced this early in the AM.

Don McLean’s “American Pie” (a family favorite) played through the speakers as I walked into Tim Horton’s . A smile made its way across my face. It’s only 2:04. I’m eternally early. With a french vanilla by my side, I rest my head on my arms, and wait.

Fast forward 9 hours– I made it through my 1st day as a New Writer for The Weather Network. I wrote copy for a 10-year vet. I was nervous to hand it over, but she had only positive things to say. The crew is very nice.

There were moments I thought if I just closed my eyes I’d be done for. That’s when you know it’s time get up, make tea or go pee. Snacks are the be all and end all of staying awake . Gotta keep that blood sugar up! As tired as I may be, it’s nice knowing people are counting down the time until lunch and I’m on my way home for the day.

What happened with Much Music? Nothing. I’ll be MIA during my 2 week training period, but I shall fulfill my blogging duties from home, as a good Kimtern would.

Rain or shine, see ya next time!

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