As Luscious As Blair’s Red Lipstick, Check Out the Fashion Of Gossip Girl’s Premiere Episode!

Hey Upper East Siders,

Kimtern here with your one and only source into the scandalous closets of Manhattan’s elite. Season 5 of Gossip Girl answered the questions that plagued us over summer (we now have confirmation that Queen B has a little bun in the oven). Let’s focus on what’s truly important on Gossip Girl aside from all the drama: the clothes! Largely thanks to Eric Daman, GG’s costume designer (who has just collaborated with DKNY on a leg wear line sure to make the girls at Constance envious), last night’s premiere saw a plethora of colorful prints and accessories.

First up, Serena: Her over-sized aqua necklace got the show off to a good start. She set the scene for the colors to come with her fabulous Alice + Olivia yellow pleated skirt. Can anyone make a ponytail look as good as S? (That’s a challenge, dear reader!) Next, her short & sweet orangey-yellow number was paired with a set of clunky necklaces and completed with a lime green handbag. You’d think so much color would be overkill, but in typical Van der Woodsen style, she nails it. Her floor length magenta Haute Hippie halter dress wasn’t my fave, but S still rocked it. I loved, loved, loved however, her red Rag & Bone Feather maxi skirt and sequined silver vest. The blonde beauty is set to stay in L.A., so I guess we can expect a whole lot of color coming from Serena’s West Coast wardrobe.

Chuck in leather?! Has such a thing been seen before? The tan jacket stuck around for the episode’s entirety. Coupled with several toned down chemises and one flashy red scarf I was a little disappointed with Chuck’s lacklustre ensembles. Finally, Mr. Bass headed back to the Big Apple in a light grey suit with a yellow polka dotted scarf looking (though not necessarily feeling) like his old self. Daman, the cast’s designer says if he had to pick, Chuck would be his favorite to dress, “because you can’t beat a man in a great suit and nice pocket square.

Blair’s debut outfit this season was a white mini dress with a variety of hues and gem-like detailing. The cinched pleat was a nice touch. Her crimped waves seemed a little low maintenance for the future Princess of Monaco, however. The following floral Christian Cota dress and bright red lips were a winning combination. The crème de la crème was the white Oscar de la Renta gown with green leaf detailing for a U.N. event (which she never made it to). Its long train spared no extravagance, and Blair would have it no other way. The gorgeous embellished necklace finished the look to perfection. Oh, and B looked exquisite in that hand me down wedding gown from her future mother-in-law (despite her doubts about it at first). She could totally give Kate Middleton a run for her money right?

Lonely + Golden Boy: The only note worthy look for golden boy, Nate was a black on black suit to a party. He loses points for the jacket being worn over a polo shirt though. The outfit wasn’t as dashing as real life Chace Crawford at TIFF. You’d think with the premiere primarily being set in L.A., some topless shots would be in order; nope! As for Lonely Boy, a.k.a. Dan, nothing but jeans and tees for the Brooklynite.

Designer Eric Daman says he loves New York because no matter where he looks, he’ll find inspiration. I don’t know about you, but I’m anxiously waiting to see what inspires him during next week’s episode exclusively on MuchMusic 8 PM ET/5 PM PT.

What did you think of Gossip Girl’s fifth season premiere? Tweet away @trendingtheshow. Until then, xoxo…

– Kim (#trending intern)

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