#trending: Diana Works Her Way To The Top…Of Our Fashion List!

Hey Upper East Siders,

Kim here, with your one and only source into the scandalous closets of Manhattan’s elite (a.k.a. who wore what on Gossip Girl.)

I never thought the day would come when Diana tops our list, but I loved that teal coloured Emilio Pucci dress. Brian Atwood nude pumps elongated those gorgeous gams of hers, and Volpe & La Russo earrings completed her look. The purple dress was also fab. The almond-shaped cut out on her chest and the embellishment on the side gave a nice finish to the ensemble. Have you noticed D is always sporting solid colors? (Keep an eye out for it, my fellow gossip girls and guys!)

Serena’s Haute Hippie feather vest was a show-stopper; mostly, because I stopped and wanted to know where I could get one, or something similar. She pulled off the Rodarte pleated skirt without a hitch. The Mulberry Harriet Ostrich tote and the pair of Brian Atwood studded suede platform pumps were paired to perfection. The Moschino black beaded cowl neck dress looked 80′s inspired along with big hair and chunky earrings; I was all for it.

Charlie forever leaves me confused. I never know if she’s going to be on the naughty or nice list– whether fashion or character related. The purple and orange sweater she wore at the start of the episode was colorful and cute. I especially liked her Lorena Sarbu sequin dress for Chuck’s masked play event. The look of the night goes to… Charlie’s face when she got FIRED. (Ooooh, what will happen next week?)

Ready to prowl, Queen B looked ever-so pretty in her black and white leopard print dress. Her hat was perfectly fitting for feeding the ducks, with the feathers to top it off. She looked charming in her sequined black dress and up ‘do. While the kiss from Chuck was part of Dorota’s plan, it was worn well like any other Waldorf outfit.

Our regular leading lads, Nate and Chuck’s wardrobe did not leave much to gossip about. On the other hand, newcomer Max was totally rocking that sweater and tie combo. I’d pick NY Max over the LA version any day. Another down to earth guy is exactly what Serena needs. I like where this is going, I just hope they don’t get caught up in Diana’s web of lies.

Out on the road, Dan wasn’t terribly exciting except for his pants, because they were on fire seeing as he is such a liar. How could Rufus’ speech not convince him to go on his book tour?

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