Skin Secrets

While she complimented the shape of my eyes, she must have mentioned how dry my skin was at least three times.

‘Twas my second time on the MuchMusic’s New.Music.Live, but my first in the powder room with a professional having a go at my face.

My lipgloss of choice is a little ol’ jelly that goes by the name of Vaseline. I was told by said artist that the petroleum based product locks in moisture preventing natural moisture to escape my lips. Hmm, “but my grandmother said..” I doth protested. Apparently, Nanny is wrong.

Old Habits Die Hard

I have to fight the urge to reach into my purse and smear the substance across my parched pucker. I’ve since purchased Burt’s Beeswax (the make up artist’s reco), Blistex Deep Moisture Renewal (because Burt’s doesn’t contain SPF),  and DiorAddict Lip Glow (because if you’re going to do something, do it right). The balm also reacts to the color of your lips to create a shade that is unique to you.

Back to my dry epidermus. I took it upon myself in recent years, to rub vitamin E on my forehead and around my eyes to prevent laugh lines and crow’s feet. I was told the latter is too heavy for my young skin. Well then, how about the Johnson’s baby lotion I spread across the rest of my face? It might sound obvious, that if “baby” is in the title it may not be age appropriate. My thought behind using the cream was that it would keep me eternally youthful. Seeing as I am no longer a child, the lotion does nothing for me.

What’s a Girl to do?

To scrub or not to scrub, exfoliating is the question. Is it too abrasive for something as delicate as skin? Or, does it simply remove dead cells paving the way for a smoother, refreshed appearance? Apart from splashing my face with h2O, I occasionally cleanse my face with Spectro Jel. As you may have guessed, I was mistaken once more. The Jel is for acne prone skin, and therefore I am “the last person who needs to be using that!” exclaimed the artist.

Less is More

Mind you, all this is coming from a make up artist’s persepective, not a dermatologist. None the less, the artist, whom is on in years, told me to touch the skin on her cheek.. *drumroll* It was everything I hope mine will be at her age. Her regimen? Light moisturizers and gentle exfoliating. C’est tout.

“There’s no secret”

I’m not convinced there isn’t a formula to graceful aging. I believe it’s called DNA. Genetics seem to play a pivotal role in how you look throughout the years. Environmental factors do, too. Nanny grew up in a different time; climate change was solely referenced when describing one’s trip down South. This is also the woman who was told to rub her child’s cloth diaper and newborn urine on her face. She credits the latter for her youthful glow.

For now, I’ve purchased Avène’s starter kit (the Shoppers‘ beautician suggested the set + it was only $35). After one exfoliation, my skin appears to be softer, and the moisturizer leaves my skin feeling silky.

It’s important to use a cream with SPF, even in winter. Moisturizing becomes more crucial once the mercury dips below zero.

Happy Hydration!

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