Towne380 Pulls a 360‏

It’s been nearly a decade since it all began. I was 14 when I started working [at Moe’s Bar and Grill]. I was their coat check girl.

Illegal and underage

I’d get home at 2 or 3 in the morning after Tuesday’s Ladies Night, where I had an entire staff of siblings. The busboys, waiters and bartenders took to treating me like their little sister. Periodically, they came to keep me company or bring me hot chocolate.

The only reason my parents allowed me to work such an unconventional shift each week was because my brother was among the busboys. Those long nights cemented our relationship. He confided in me, and our brother-sisterly bond grew. But, this story isn’t about me; it’s about Shawn.

When we were younger, Shawn epitomized cool in the eyes of my other brother, cousins and myself. We look[ed] up to him, and not just because he was taller than us, and still is.

Out with the old

Last night, Towne380 was born. It stands where Moe’s stood for many years; where Shawn began and is now the manager and partner in the modern dining venture.

Towne380 is what Laval has been waiting for. From the team that brought you 40 Westt, Towne Hall & 40 Northh: Towne380 is the very latest from the creative force behind Montreal’s best.

Expectations, etc.

It’s sophisticated, and elegant, all the while, providing a welcoming environment. The expansive bar is host to great martinis and cocktails. The open concept kitchen allows you to feast your eyes on the daily arrival of fresh seafood, ensuring quality and superior flavor unmatched elsewhere.

The succulent array of meat is aged and prepared to perfection at their flagship location: 40 Westt. A variety of options are available at this lavish Laval eatery.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘It’s her brother’s restaurant, of course she’ll spout a positive point of view!’ So, go ahead, judge for yourself.

Towne380 opens to the public on November 30th, 2011.

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