From Lilo to Bieber, the biggest scandals of 2011

What a sensational year it’s been, filled with divorces, drugs, baby daddy drama, and a disrespectful designer (scandals are always in style). It’s time to wrap up the year’s sinners and “winner”.

We look at Justin Bieber’s baby drama, Lilo’s run ins with the law, Kim and Kris’s nightmare wedding and more in today’s Holiday Wrap 2011 Biggest Scandals!


Lindsay Lohan’s downward spiral continues to swirl. For the 25 year old, 2011 marked the end of her house arrest for a number of earlier convictions and misdemeanors. She showed up late for community service at the morgue, appeared in court looking looking haggard, and has recently posed for Playboy. Not exactly a recipe to recovery, Linds.

Kim’s Fairytale Wedding

For richer or poorer, til Ryan Seacrest do them part? Some say the wedding (and subsequent divorce) was a sham; a publicity stunt for her reality show. Was Kim’s sis Khloe right about Kris’ fame seeking intentions? Kim has denied such rumors, insisting the marriage wasn’t all she hoped it would be. Maybe the third time will be the charm (Kim wed a music producer when she was 19).

John Galliano

In the city of amour, British fashion designer John Galliano was showing no love for those of Hebrew heritage. Galliano attributed his addictions to alcohol, sleeping tablets and Valium as the cause for spouting anti-semitic and racist insults at people at a Paris bar. Racism is never in style, and he has since been fired from his coveted position at Dior and fined thousands of dollars.

Bieber baby

“Never Say Never”, right, JB? When the news broke that Justin Bieber might be the father of Mariah Yeater’s baby, fans went wild. Conveniently, his name couldn’t escape the headlines right before his album, Under The Mistletoe, was about to stock shelves. Bieber agreed to do a paternity test. Unfortunately, there won’t be “One Less Lonely Girl” because Yeater has dropped the paternity suit. Maybe she just wanted “Somebody To Love”?

Scarlett Johansson

Scar Jo is not the first actress to have nudes leaked and will definitely not be the last.

Schwarzenegger’s secret son

Arnold Schwarzenegger said “hasta la vista, baby” to his role as Governator of California this year. He also said good-bye to his 25-year marriage and the world [and his wife] said hello to the child he had with the family’s maid 13 years ago. A return to the big screen is what’s in store for Schwarzenegger next year.

Charlie Sheen

No stranger to substance abuse and addiction, Sheen stunned mainstream media with his “Tiger Blood” antics. Despite being fired from the hit series Two and a Half Men, Sheen maintained he was still “winning”. The actor went on the road with his show “Violent Torpedo of Truth” which was panned by critics. Sheen eventually simmered down, and was toasted at the Roast of Charlie Sheen in September.

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