If You Were Wearing These, You Were #trending In 2011!

You might have followed them, ridiculed them, or secretly shopped for them, here now, are the top ten trends of 2011.

-Kimberly Lamontagne


Whether leather, suede, shoe, bootie or sandal, the wedge is back, and with a vengeance. The platform popped up in many forms this year, and compliments any outfit, no matter the occasion.

Bright pants

Red, purple, blue, any hue you choose, vibrant colored trousers were all the rage this year.

Maxi skirts + Polka dots

Donning two of this year’s hottest trends, Kirsten Dunst has the polka dot look spot on. From short to tall, the maxi looks good on one and all. The skirt can be worn with a variety of combinations, ranging from casual cropped tops, blouses, tanks, even with a mini dress over top.

Flare Jeans

Theeey’re back! Your mom wore them, your dad did too, maybe even your grandparents, and now it’s your turn to rock the 70s inspired look. High-waisted, or low, this denim trend is the way to go!


The bowling-esque inspired shoes, were seen on the feet of males and females. Flats or with a heel, this footwear has both comfort and cute appeal. If you’re an Oxford university student or an Oxford shoe supporter, you’re sure to look smart sporting this fashion statement.

Schoolbag satchel

Whether you’re in school, or your recess days are far behind you, this fashion trend bares no age discrimination, (or, gender). Color, cut, and size are yours to choose. The classic staple can be worn year round.

Jean jackets

Denim has been around since the 1800s, and the jean jacket tradition is timeless. The jacket, in all it’s reincarnations made a radical resurgence in 2011, on and off the red carpet.


This popular piece of apparel is best paired with.. anything, actually. Faux fur, jean, sheep skin, sequins, you name it, the sleeveless garment looks spectacular on any shape or size.

Sheer-a-lace-ious layers

The great thing about sheer or lace outfits are how they look (duh)! Eternally elegant in whatever form on whomever, lace is a lovely fixture for any wardrobe.

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