Long-Term Love or A 72-Day Marriage: The Biggest Break-Ups Of 2011!

2011 was the year of the rabbit, which explains why celebs were busy doing it like bunnies! Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean they are faithful to their partners. Click through to see the big names behind this year’s biggest breakups!

Ashton & Demi

They said it would never last.. And, it turns out, they were right. After nearly eight years together, Demi & Ashton have bid each other adieu. A wave of criticism washed over the actors’ relationship when they first got together, citing Demi was old enough to be Ashton’s mother. Animal activists fear cougars will once again be on the endangered species list.

Ashlee and Pete

Two years of marriage and a baby later, Ashlee Simpson fell out with the former Fall Out Boy front man. Unable to reconcile their differences, the singers went their separate ways.

Kim and Kris

This marriage was no slam dunk. Kim blew the whistle and called game over without giving the nuptials a fair shot. Even the NBA lockout lasted longer than the 72-day marriage. Time out! Was the hoop-lah surrounding the ceremony solely for the reality star’s ratings?

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger

TGIF (Thank God It Failed)! The two were an unlikely pairing from the get-go. They met on the set of Case 39, (Can’t remember the film? And, soon you won’t remember these two were a couple.) People magazine’s newly appointed Sexiest Man Alive should be seen with the Sexiest Woman Alive, which according to Esquire, is Rihanna. Together, they would take Hollywood by storm, and have the Sexiest Offspring Alive.

G.Clo ‘n’ Elisabetta Canalis

Speaking of sexy offspring, just think of the glorious genes George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis would pass down to a generation. Sadly, this past summer the sexy duo called it quits. He has since moved on to Stacey Keibler.

J.Lo and Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez won’t be dedicating “I’m Into You” to Marc anytime soon. Married in 2004, this couple won’t be “On The Floor” together anymore. The singers announced the amicable split this summer. Topping the charts, this divorce marks the third for Lopez. Following closely behind is Anthony with divorce #2.

Leo DiCaprio and Blake Lively

This quiet couple made headlines when they broke up just a short while ago. Sightings at the Cannes Film Festival cemented rumors that the actors were an item. The Gossip Girl star is said to be romancing Ryan Reynolds, (hereby making her Canadian by association). If you really listen, you can hear Canada rejoicing in the distance. You know you love her, XOXO, Gossip Girl

ScarJo and Sean Penn

Sean Penn broke things off with Scarlett Johansson, (who is half his age) because he didn’t want to be tied down. It took five months for the relationship between the Oscar winner and the bodacious blonde to go from sizzle to fizzle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

“I’ll be back” is not a line the Terminator turned Governator is likely to say to California’s former first lady, Maria Shriver. 25 years of marriage ended after the details of Arnie’s secret affair were revealed.

Kat von D ‘n’ Jesse James

What?! The rebound relationship Jesse pursued when the ink from his divorce to Sandra Bullock was barely dry, didn’t work out? He seems like such a stand up guy! The on-again, off-again tattooed twosome called off their engagement in July, then called it back on, and now ’tis off once again. A reunion in 2012, wouldn’t shock or surprise us.

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