Oh No She Didn’t! The Top Ten Moments From Gossip Girl!

While we await the whimsy of the upcoming wedding and whatever else 2012 has in store for our favorite Upper Eastsiders, we’ve recapped the top ten highlights of 2011.

-Kimberly Lamontagne

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Nate the newspaper man

No longer relying on his grandaddy, N got a job all on his own. Grant it, he may have been sleeping with the Editor in Chief (we’ll get to her in a moment), but kudos to Nate for securing that ‘position’. As it turns out, Gossip Girl’s resident Grandpa had bought the newspaper. Nate did prove himself to be a formidable employee, AND he looked gooood doing so, however.

Working girl

Serena joined the workforce and was a contributing member of society. Unfortunately, her job as a producer’s assistant went awry, and Serena is left serving society the best way she knows how; as a socialite. All is right in the world once more!

Princess Proposal

A proposal of princess proportions for Blair in season four! Louis Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco and Blair Cornelia Waldorf are set to wed.. when? Who knows if, where, what, why or how these two will join bonds in holy matrimony.

Deceitful Diana

Nate and Diana’s L.A. fling turned into something. The British import gave Nate a job, among other things. The devious journalist started up the Spectator, meant to rival Gossip Girl, but seemed to have more up her sleeve. A photo of her in [deceased] Bart’s files, made us question if she was Chuck’s mom? Maybe, his sister? She’s been in contact with Jack, so you know she cant be up to anything good!

B’s baby

Blair’s pregnancy came as a surprise to us, and her! One paternity test later, the father is presumably Prince Louis’. We have our suspicions that Chuck might have fathered her baby, since they slept together while her and Louis were ensemble.

Lily on the loose

Free from her ankle monitor and ready to mingle, mama van der Woodsen made her re-entry onto the New York scene this year. Why was she under house arrest to begin with, you ask? She forged Serena’s signature many moons ago landing Ben in jail.

Inside’s Insider

Dear ol’ Dan has published his diary.. we mean, his debut novel. He claimed his writing was a work of fiction, but he managed to make many of his friends mad; the storyline hit all too close to home for the main characters in his book, and his life!

Cousin Charlie

This outsider made a re-entry on Manhattan’s social scene. Serena’s ousted cousin (an actor named Ivy Dickens pretending to be Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Rhodes) was introduced in season four, but left after she went cray-cray and stole Serena’s dress, Dan, and went off her meds. S dragged her back after a chance encounter in L.A. over summer, and Charlie has since been enchanted by the Eastsider lifestyle.

Sugar and spice, Chuck is nice!

Has Chuck really become the man Blair hoped he could be? Indeed he has. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and losing Blair was the recipe to turn him into the respectable man he is today (the man she most craves).

Adios Vanessa

Dan said good-bye to Vanessa, and hello to a book deal. Dan has become much more enjoyable now that he’s lost his sidekick. Ms. Abrams sold Dan’s story and had it published before fleeing to study abroad in Spain.


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