11 Best Date Movies Of 2011

We said goodbye to some beloved characters, welcomed back old buddies, got acquainted with new ones and here now are the 11 best date movies of 2011…

Grab that special someone, snuggle up, and enjoy!

-Kimberly Lamontagne

Crazy Stupid Love

Fellas can appreciate Ryan Gosling’s smooth talking ways, and gals (or guys) can appreciate Ryan’s smooth tush. It’s a win-win.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

Saying goodbye to our dear friends at Hogwarts was tough, which is why HP 7.5 was the perfect date movie; misery loves company! Now that it’s out on DVD, you can have a part 2 of your very own and relive the magic from the comfort of your couch.

The Hangover II

Nothing brings people together like a sequel. Pick apart your fave Hangover moments as a couple, as you compare and contrast each film.


A tissue and a shoulder to cry into, should be mandatory for this tearjerker. The comedic drama about cancer teaches us to embrace life, (and the one you’re sitting next to).

Friends With Benefits

If this film taught us anything, being friends first makes a good foundation to any relationship, and comedies! This one was great for first dates, if nothing more then to serve as a model of what a friendship could blossom into.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

This eagerly anticipated thriller is a must-see for dudes and dames. The international bestselling book, turned movie, turned movie again, packs a heavy punch, which is why we recommend seeing it in pairs– someone’s gotta lift you up and dust you off after seeing David Fincher’s latest phenomenon.


A fine cast of funny females led the way to laugh out loud moments. Not just the equivalent of The Hangover for women, this hilarious look at love and life left both men and women laughing.

Horrible Bosses

There was nothing horrible about taking your hunnie to see this flick. Hilarious plot? Check. Awesome cast? Check. Great date? Check!

The Muppets

Aside from the cuddly characters, creative cameos, and comedic storyline, this movie works wonders with couples of every age. Whether it was your first date or fiftieth, the fuzzy puppets remind us all to love and accept one another for who we are whilst breaking out into song and dance.

New Year’s Eve

This star studded movie extravaganza didn’t have critics raving, but it did have couples cuddling. The feel-good flick is filled with resolutions that just might help your relationship, too.

Captain America: The First Avenger

For the little boy in you, or the the little boy inside the dude you’re dating, eyes lit up as comic characters came to life in Captain America. And, for the chicks, this film’s leading man was easy on the eyes.

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