Cleaning Out My Colon

It’s something I discussed with my friends in college. It seemed a little extreme, but “why not” we thought. Like most things in college, the desire subsides.

What ignited the spark of desire that lay dormant for 5 years?Nothing more than a Groupon coupon.

Since the start of 2012, I have been eating exceptionally well and exercising daily. Most people put themselves on a regime in the new year to shed holiday lbs, but for me, the need was far greater.

I leave for Panama on Monday. The prospect of being in a bikini was frightening due to my yuletide indulgences.

Enema was a word thrown out quite often with my friends. We thought it to be the solution to a flat stomach.

While a colonic does reduce bloating, its effects are much less superficial. Imagine remnants of everything you’ve eaten your entire life caked (mmm.. cake) into your colon walls.

Enema of the State

Now, for those who’ve never encountered an enema, if there were to be 1 word to describe the experience, ’tis this: weird. Having someone put a rather sizeable tube up one’s butt is not the weird part.

It’s not very different from a trip to the doctor’s, or an esthetician for a wax, what’s weird is the feeling that a certain part of your an anatomy will not retain the tube-like device.

Fluids enter and leave your body. I used to have a doll (a Water Babies doll), that was to be filled with water to feel more life-like, as opposed to the hard-plastic alternative. I can now say I know what that doll must have felt like; slowly being filled with water until near capacity.

As with the doll, the same is true for humans, there is only so much one can take. What leaves your body, apart from the fluid that was ushered in, closely resembles spinach (again, remember what years of digested food would look like).

Throughout the 45 minute procedure, your abdomen is being massaged by the person administering the enema. At times it is uncomfortable, and sort of feels like menstrual cramping, but the process aids to break apart the build up of toxins in your colon.

Would I do it again?

At the time, I thought once would be enough, but now I feel “shiny & new“.

After I was finished playing with my Water Baby, I emptied her. I imagine, she must have felt quite relieved, or at least I do now. The root of most health problems reside in the bowels. If you floss your teeth, clean out your ears, blow your nose, why not empty out the 5+ feet of tissue responsible for your overall health?

I’ve always eaten healthy, but these past few weeks have made me much more aware of what goes into my body (and sometimes doesn’t make it back out, even with the best of digestive systems), after all, you are what you eat.

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