Hey Upper East Siders, Kim here with your one and only source into the scandalous closets of Manhattan’s elite, aka the brand names behind the brand new episode of Gossip Girl.

April showers washed away Serena’s Gossip Girl powers. Never the less, S looked glamorous in a Porter Grey cut out dress and a Matthew Campbell Laurenza necklace. Freshly unemployed, Serena should turn “S by S” into a clothing line now that her blogging days are a thing of the past.

It was sexy time indeed for Miss B and Humphrey with her black négligé and golden trench.

After a quick outfit change, Blair’s silken navy studded jacket revealed a purple ruffle dress, but it spent more time on the elevator floor as Dan and B proved first impressions can be redeemed.

Ivy is firmly planted in the van der Woodsen household, and while her presence isn’t welcome, her style sense totally is. She may not be a Rhodes, but she sure looks like one in a Vera Wang lace dress, black sling-back platform heels from Zara and Sequin earrings.

Honorary mention goes to Lily for her fabulous Christian Dior dress, Badgely Mishka necklace (which was said to belong to the late, great CeCe Rhodes), and Dior bag.
You know you love me,
-Kimberly Lamontagne

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