Top 5 Spots to Cool Down This Summer

Nope, no long lists of the GTA’s finest swimming holes to be found here. Instead, I present to you  tried and true methods of keeping cool.


I noticed the poster above as I walked passed my local library. This one is a two for one steal; free A/C and an elevated IQ. Spend hours sitting in the aisles soaking up the stories and the brisk air among all of the books.


Dinosaurs are cold blooded, and you can be too while learning more about these reptiles. Roam the ROM’s dinosaur exhibit, or peruse Picasso for a limited time at the AGO. Cool down and smarten up, as you take in the city’s culture.


“Let’s go to the mall” sang Robin [Sparkles] of How I Met Your Mother. It’s a catchy tune, but by listening to her lyics and going to a shopping center you’re guaranteed some cool comfort. Whether you’re window shopping, trying to make a choice at the food court, or maxing out that credit card, you’ll do so without breaking a sweat.


Movie houses are synonymous with being frigid. But nothing is too icy considering the record heat we’ve been having. Summer blockbusters, and action packed thrillers will leave you with chills, but the theatre’s thermostat will leave you with goosebumps. Entertainment, heat relief, (hopefully some snacks), it’s a small price to pay considering all it’s worth.


Truth be told, there are more than 5 ways to restore your body to a regular temperature. You don’t have to be uber creative, or spend a lot of money to avoid melting away in the summer sun. Keep your grass green and your feet clean, and run through a sprinkler like you did as a kid. Seek shade under a tree, or turn your tub into a pool (let the cold water run, wear a swimsuit [or not], and have fun).

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