Purple Rain: Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Last year I said my brother is my hero, but there’s been an addition to the list. She isn’t like a second mother to me. She is. I realize what a tremendous gift that is especially since my own mother grew up without hers, and I’ve been blessed with two.

Nearly nine years ago I began dating the love of my life. Now, something is messing with one of the loves of his. Mama Musi was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

In October, thanks to corporate sponsors like CIBC the country is painted pink, and everyone knows it’s breast cancer awareness month. How many people know to where purple in November for pancreatic cancer awareness? Not too many, unless they’re directly affected by the disease. This needs to change.
  • Pancreatic cancer is cited as the most under funded cancer, with only 0.1% of research funds.
  • There are no early detection tools.
To add insult to injury, Didi recently endured a stroke. Watching the way this family has come together is nothing short of inspirational. From day 1, this incredible woman has been so utterly caring, and welcomed me into her family. She is one of the most loving, and thoughtful people I know. She’s a pillar of strength, the epitome of courage, and the essence of true beauty. She is a fighter in every sense of the word, and she will win this battle.
  • I’ve always loved Roots, but now there’s more reason to celebrate the Canadian clothing store because “Roots Canada is rooting for the underdog of cancers.” Find out more.
  • Get your cuddle on & raise awareness (and $$$) for pancreatic cancer with a limited edition TEMPUR® material filled Teddy Bear. N.B.: Each bear comes equipped with a purple support bracelet.
  • Speaking of bracelets, wear your heart on your wrist for $5 thanks to Accessorize for Awareness. Choose from a selection of charms to wear on your arm. Like AFA on Facebook & Tweet away!
Her plight is a strenuous one, but people like YOU, and the National Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation can help. I firmly believe every little bit counts. Pancreatic Cancer Canada is Canada’s only national foundation dedicated to raising money and awareness for this disease. I support Pancreatic Cancer Canada, and I ask you to join me: http://www.pancreaticcancercanada.ca
Follow @PanCancerCanadaLike them on Facebook. Help us #KnotItFightItEndIt! Together we can #EndPanCan.

One Reply to “Purple Rain: Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month”

  1. Sending you all so much love, please tell Mikey this. You are all amazingly strong. My Mum was also diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer (among others) earlier this year and I didn’t know that November was Pancreatic awareness month, I’ve gotta go out and buy some purple to wear! Please let me know if there’s anything more I can do to help from NYC.


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