The Detox Market

This pop up shop turned permanent store is here to stay (and, thank goodness).
The Detox Market is the first of its kind in Toronto. After a trip to California to visit some friends (friends who own TDM), Naturopathic Doctor Bita Doagoo came back with an idea in mind. It started as a temporary boutique during TIFF, but now there’s no turning back.
Detoximage-2 Detoximage-6
Nestled near the corner of Spadina and King, this natural product haven is a breath of fresh air, literally. Walking through the door, your sense of smell is instantly aroused. Pinpointing what exactly your sniffer is picking up can prove difficult, but all you need to know is that you’ll like it (a lot).
Candles, cotton tees, chocolate, cosmetics & more can be found at the Market. Manager and nutritionist, Laura Townsend showed me around the store. Everyone who works at, and for the store are naturo-professonals.
Rahua is one of Laura’s favourite lines. The hair products are organic, some are gluten-free, but they all come from the Amazon rainforest. After showering with a sample of their shampoo & conditioner that I was graciously given, I can vouch for it’s “magical properties”. Volume in a bottle, this earth friendly alternative gets two thumbs up.
Next up, Odacité might just be Laura’s all time fave product offered at the Market. This made fresh to order skin care line is truly remarkable, and left my skin feeling soft, even after a one time day and night application. Thankfully, I have a little extra.
Vamp à NY is the best selling perfume among a sizeable selection of sprays. A bottle will run you $98, and it comes in a cute, collectible New York style coffee cup. A collection of nail polish remover bottles excited me, because I’ve longed for a non-toxic solution to remove the coloured coats on my cuticles. Unfortunately, the remover works only with water based polishes which are conveniently located next to the rows of water based nail polish in an array of colours; but it means little to nothing for the plethora of polishes I already own.


Price points vary at this trendy emporium, but when it comes to your epidermis, you’re worth every penny (or, nickel since pennies are soon to be extinct). An impressive wall dedicated to tea is sure to delight, as well. A constant stream of Detox infused with green tea & lemongrass is yours to sample. The Detox Market has teamed up with Belmonte Raw; a juicing co. in Leslieville, and they also provide TDM with veganlicious meals.

The beneficial brands are alluring, but my eye was also caught by the Hello Berry bracelet I am now the proud owner of ($30). Fair priced, and all so adorable, Hello Berry is the local company being featured at TDM. More in the way of showcasing Toronto talent are in the works for the shop. A bustling yoga studio sits atop TDM, and the Market’s aim is to utilize both spaces for seminars and wellness programs, etc. So, go ahead, and detoxify your life.

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