Marky & Sparky’s

20130618-2448-markysparky-exteriorMarky & Sparky’s is where carnivores go to congregate, and meat lovers have been doing so for over a month now in the west end. It seems Marky & Sparky’s is holding its own against the west side’s resident smokehouse staple: Barque.

BBQ connoisseur, Marky, was a client of Sparky’s from Butcher By Nature across the street for years. Their partnership came together as naturally as pulled pork and poutine. Together, they see to it that your smokehouse needs are satisfied. And, satisfy they do.

20130618-2448-markysparky-ordercounterThe aroma inside this liquor-less Junction eatery is haunting. The smoky scent fills the air, and is invitingly nostalgic; reminiscent of family cookouts, and BBQs gone by.

The small Take-out/Eat-in shop on the corner of Annette & Runnymede cannot seat many. Apart from two tables, a banquette and three chairs, a short row of high top stools lay tucked away beneath an industrial metal counter space.

20130618-2448-markysparky-ribspoutineThe first item on the M&S menu, and the star of the show are the ribs. We walked up to the counter and ordered a half rack of the dry rub baby back ribs ($15). The smoky flavor, and seasonings really shine through when not lathered in sauce. Tender and tasty, I’d recommend them.

20130618-2448-markysparky-pulledporkpoutineProving the old adage that they’re stronger together; united the pulled pork poutine ($9.75) stood, but divided it would fall. The gravy could stand to be less salty. The cheese curds were not the freshest, and would do well to be served at room temperature, as opposed to direct from the fridge. The fries are fine, and the pulled pork is perfection.

The ½ lb beef brisket sandwich ($11) is offered with a variety of sauces like horseradish, Szechuan, or sweet cherry chili. I asked Marky for his reco, and he suggested the chipotle. A tad too overpowered with pepper and spice for my taste, I opted to dip my sandwich in the mild bbq sauce that is readily available on the counter. A spicy bbq version is also up for grabs to accompany your meal.

20130618-2448-markysparky-brisketcloseupA vinaigrette or creamy slaw, or baked beans come with your meal. The vinaigrette slaw is sweet and tangy, in conjunction with a good level of crunch. No soggy cabbage here!

The Ultimate Combo ($60) guarantees a full taste of what Marky & Sparky serve up. I would have liked to sample their wings, or chicken sandwich but I simply hadn’t any more room. Next time, I will snatch me up some onion jam too. And, my sweet tooth rests assured that a fried Mars bar ($4) is just a short walk away.

For those aiming to dine in, or take out, be sure to arrive well before closing time at 8 p.m. to ensure you get your fleshy fix. The goods go fast!


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