Just in case you’re someone who keeps your hard-earned dollars away from those divisive flower crowns that seem to infest music festivals, ANDPOP’s Kimberly LaMontagne shows you how to spend your moolah on the more important things in life: food. Here’s are a few tips and tricks to help you stay full during those lazy, music-filled festival days.

Osheaga, and a number of other music fests, wrapped incredible line ups this weekend. From the Lumineers to Vampire Weekend, watching your fave performers are well worth the pay cheque (or two) it probably cost you to get in, but remember, you gotta eat. Here’s how to survive on $5 a day at Osheaga for one or all three days.

For starters, make sure you don’t skip breakfast. Load up on protein and fibrous fruit & veggies to keep you feeling full.

Look out for water stations that are sprinkled across the festival, so bring a bottle and fill ‘er up. Hydration is crucial if you’re going to be rocking away in the sun all day, (and best of all it’s FREE).

Next, pack snacks. Granola bars, trail mix, you name it! Since the fest only starts at 1, these will tide you over until supper time.

aptFood trucks recently became legal in Montreal, and thankfully they’re everywhere. The moderately priced wheel meals makes dining affordable at this fest. Le Fromage makes a mean grilled cheese for $5.50. The comfort food will satisfy your cheddar craving and sustain you until day’s end.

A slice of pizza costs, you guessed it,  5 big ones. The ooey gooey goodness goes a long way to keep you dancing up a storm!

And, if you’re anything like me and look to for occasions like sporting events, music festivals or, you know, a Tuesday, hot dogs are a welcome treat for concert goers ($5.50 for a jumbo dog).

It’s never too early to start planning for next year, and now you can enjoy the roster of bands without breaking the bank. Bon appétit!

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