Asides from donning your favourite shark costume or sitting down to watch Jaws for the umpteenth time, there are other ways to celebrate Angry Fish Week a.k.a. Shark Week. Like a great white stalking its prey, we’ve hunted down the very best nail art Shark Week has to offer.

Via-chrissynailart.tumblr.com_This shark-travaganza tops the list because of its amazing artistry and detail. []

Via-ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com_Claws for Jaws! The added touch of pointed nails is so simple, and effective. It blows these other shark selections out of the water. [Via]

Via-basecoat-topcoat.tumblr.com_Great white sharks reign supreme all week, but were lending the spotlight to our hammerhead homies. [Via]
Via-racked.com_While only teeth are visible on this bare bones manicure, we think it’s bloody brilliant! [Via]
Via-The-Daily-NailA cartoonified rendition of sharky’s feeding time gets our seal of approval. (Ha! Get it?) [Via The Daily Nail]
Via-PinterestHonourable mention goes to the meticulous marine biology lover who painstakingly clipped her nails into serrated shape excellency. [Via Pinterest]

Go forth and conquer Shark Week nails! May your manicure last longer than Snuffy the Seal.

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