Be your own gym


We all know exercise is vital for a healthy lifestyle, but gym memberships are costly. Enjoy an equipment-free workout at home with calisthenics.

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Flatten the flab

If you’re a crunch aficionado, start with two sets of 25 reps, which burns approximately 50 calories.

Work at a set for a few weeks, and then increase as your muscles strengthen. Or do 25 reps of four sets. Aside from a trim tummy, increasing core strength helps to alleviate back pain.

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Now, prop yourself up on your elbows, and lift your knees and core off the floor. Hold for 10 to 30 seconds. Drop down. Repeat three times.

Next, while lying on your back, take your right elbow to meet your left knee, and scissor to make the left elbow meet your right knee. Do 10 reps of three sets.

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Fancy yourself Jennifer Aniston’s envy-inducing extremities? Set yourself up for push-ups. Do three sets of 10 reps at 30-second intervals.

Next, grab a chair, and place your palms at the edge of the seat. Extend your legs, and lower your butt down toward the floor. Continue this upward and downward motion for two sets of 10 reps to burn 50 calories.

Glam gams

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Lunge your way to leaner legs! Step forward with one foot to form a 90-degree angle as the knee from your other leg lowers to the ground. Don’t drop completely; let your knee hover above the floor. Alternate legs so each leg lunges 10 times. You can either stand in one place as you switch legs or take a stroll as each step propels you forward.

Two sets of 10 reps will knock off roughly 50 calories.

Next, stand against a wall, and slide your torso down until you’re in a seated position against the wall. Count to 30, get up, and shake it off. In 30 seconds, get ready to do it again.

Posterior perfection

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Get on all fours, extend your leg back, and bend your knee to form a 90-degree angle. Switch legs, and repeat 10 times.

Feel free to take a break or move right into peeing dog (for lack of a better name). Lift your leg out toward the side to form another 90-degree angle. Do 10 reps on each side. Return to the previous step and then back to this one for a final time.

To close your workout, end in a child’s pose, and then push back into downward dog. Now you can carry on with your day.

The number of sets and reps are solely suggestions and should be customized to your comfort and skill level. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Incorporate this regimen into your daily routine for a more fit future.

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