Purple Pride: Your PanCan Playlist

It’s that time of year: hairy face time!

Yes, yes, it’s Movember, BUUUT it’s also Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. PanCan Month is like Movember’s younger brother; it’s not as cool, and it doesn’t get out much.

Pancreatic cancer only has a 6% survival rate compared to prostate cancer (AKA the reason why everyone you know has a moustache right now) which boasts a 98% survival rate. None the less, AFA jumped on the boyish bandwagon and added a moustache charm to their collection.

What’s AFA, you say?  Accessorize For Awareness hand makes charmed bracelets for only $5 with your dollars going to fund a cure for pancreatic cancer.

Aside from indulging in AFA’s #ArmCandyForACure, you can show your support in the following ways:

-Take to Twitter & tweet at your fave celebs using the hashtag #EndPanCan, mention @accessorizefor & demand RTs.
-Throw on some purple swag and pump up these purple tunes

Your official PanCan playlist:

“We Can’t Stop” listening to Miley’s Bangerz and love that the first single off the album is swimming in purple (pun intended). The pool scenes are all lit up in purp. Enjoy above.

Side note: ANDPOP is aware certain lyrics were inspired by the influence of marijuana; we in no way are condoning the use of drugs, but rather appreciate the purple representation.

Miss Perry is looking pretty with her purple hair, and her song “Wide Awake” is a wake up call & anthem for purple awareness.

Out of all her hair colours (& characters), we think Nicki Minaj a.k.a. (Barbie/Ninja/Roman) looks best when rocking a purple wig and weave like in “Starships.”

Once upon a time, before his monkey, selfies and tattoos, The Biebs was associated with purple. It’s subtle but in “Never Say Never” he’s got a lilac-y tee under his saweet leather jacket.

Your parents might have owned this record, and grooved along to the musical stylings of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.” It’s an iconic song and well worth a listen (even if your parents love it).

Now, Prince’s “Purple Rain” is a classic, but for your viewing pleasure, here’s Beyonce teaming up with the legend himself to perform the song at the 2004 Grammy Awards.

These next two need no introduction because Mac Miller  & NAS’  ”Purple” really needn’t an explanation as to why they were chosen (ahem, their titles).

Making purple sound red hot are the Red Hot Chili Peppers with “Purple Stain.”

Now kids, this may come as a surprise but before Eminem went “Berzerk”, he was part of a hip hop group (and may still be) called D12 which stands for The Dirty Dozen. And, they had themselves quite a hit with their song “Purple Pills.” It even made it on the Top 40… in the Netherlands.

Kimberly Lamontagne

Kimberly Lamontagne is in favour of puns, puppies and Kimstagrams. She’s a lover of all things lifestyle and pop culture. Most importantly, Kim accessorizes for awareness.

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