5 Reasons Why We Miss The Originals

You know how a vampire feels when they’ve been deprived of blood for long stretches of time? That’s how we feel. Withdrawal is no fun. We need an Original family fix ASAP.

As you probably know, The Originals is on hiatus. A new episode will not grace our screens until mid-January, and we’re deeply saddened by this. Aside from awesome storylines, here are some specifics we miss about those sexy supernatural creatures.


1. Witty repartee

Klaus has always had a way with words. A master of puns, we’re sure the memoirs he’s penning in the series is going to be a thrilling read. We wish the book was available to us on Amazon. I suppose, we’ll just have to settle on his weekly quotable quotes.


2. Pretty boy

Elijah’s face is a work of art. A sculpture chiseled to the utmost perfection makes for a pleasurable viewing experience.


3. Playlist love

The CW knows how to compliment a script with evocative tunes and indie hits!Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries blended music marvellously, and The Originalscontinues the tradition.

4. Forbidden fruit


The tension between Hayley and Elijah has this viewer on edge. They’re clearly feelin’ it, but because she is carrying Klaus’ hybrid baby, there’s bro code etiquette to be followed.

5. Suave sinner

honey b

Marcel is one smooth talker. It’s no wonder this beauty ruled the city of New Orleans as this ruthless leader knows how to take charge and make others follow suit. He has our vote any day!


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