Purple Pride: Your PanCan Playlist

It’s that time of year: hairy face time!

Yes, yes, it’s Movember, BUUUT it’s also Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. PanCan Month is like Movember’s younger brother; it’s not as cool, and it doesn’t get out much.

Pancreatic cancer only has a 6% survival rate compared to prostate cancer (AKA the reason why everyone you know has a moustache right now) which boasts a 98% survival rate. None the less, AFA jumped on the boyish bandwagon and added a moustache charm to their collection.

What’s AFA, you say?  Accessorize For Awareness hand makes charmed bracelets for only $5 with your dollars going to fund a cure for pancreatic cancer.

Aside from indulging in AFA’s #ArmCandyForACure, you can show your support in the following ways:

-Take to Twitter & tweet at your fave celebs using the hashtag #EndPanCan, mention @accessorizefor & demand RTs.
-Throw on some purple swag and pump up these purple tunes

Your official PanCan playlist:

“We Can’t Stop” listening to Miley’s Bangerz and love that the first single off the album is swimming in purple (pun intended). The pool scenes are all lit up in purp. Enjoy above.

Side note: ANDPOP is aware certain lyrics were inspired by the influence of marijuana; we in no way are condoning the use of drugs, but rather appreciate the purple representation.

Miss Perry is looking pretty with her purple hair, and her song “Wide Awake” is a wake up call & anthem for purple awareness.

Out of all her hair colours (& characters), we think Nicki Minaj a.k.a. (Barbie/Ninja/Roman) looks best when rocking a purple wig and weave like in “Starships.”

Once upon a time, before his monkey, selfies and tattoos, The Biebs was associated with purple. It’s subtle but in “Never Say Never” he’s got a lilac-y tee under his saweet leather jacket.

Your parents might have owned this record, and grooved along to the musical stylings of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.” It’s an iconic song and well worth a listen (even if your parents love it).

Now, Prince’s “Purple Rain” is a classic, but for your viewing pleasure, here’s Beyonce teaming up with the legend himself to perform the song at the 2004 Grammy Awards.

These next two need no introduction because Mac Miller  & NAS’  ”Purple” really needn’t an explanation as to why they were chosen (ahem, their titles).

Making purple sound red hot are the Red Hot Chili Peppers with “Purple Stain.”

Now kids, this may come as a surprise but before Eminem went “Berzerk”, he was part of a hip hop group (and may still be) called D12 which stands for The Dirty Dozen. And, they had themselves quite a hit with their song “Purple Pills.” It even made it on the Top 40… in the Netherlands.

Kimberly Lamontagne

Kimberly Lamontagne is in favour of puns, puppies and Kimstagrams. She’s a lover of all things lifestyle and pop culture. Most importantly, Kim accessorizes for awareness.

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Dawn of the Dead nail art


Whether your manicure is an extension of your disguise or nail art is your costume, get into the spooky spirit with Halloween nails.

Halloween nail art | Sheknows.ca - final product

What you’ll need:

  • Nail polish
  • Toothpicks
  • Q-tips
  • Polish remover

There are no set rules for these designs, so be creative with your colour palette. Begin with a base coat of your choosing. White really stands out and is perfect for making your skull pop.

Ghostly delight pattern

Halloween nail art ghostly delight | Sheknows.ca - final product


  1. The figures are nothing more than primary shapes. Dip one end of a toothpick into a black polish, and make oval eye sockets.
  2. Dip your toothpick into the polish again, and scrape off any excess to ensure a large amount doesn’t drop onto the nail. Make slits for the nose.
  3. Finally, draw a line near the tip of your fingernail. Using the same short-stroke technique as before, incorporate lines to give the illusion of stitches.
  4. Painting the blood is really simple. Grab another toothpick, and splash red nail polish onto the fingernail. The drip effect is what you’re going for.


Jack o'pattern halloween nail art | Sheknows.ca - final product


  1. Paint a nail or two in an orange hue, and then paint black triangles for the eyes. Throw in a mini-triangular nose if you can afford the real estate. The smile or lack thereof is at your discretion. A toothy grin or a zigzag — it’s your call.
  2. To make a Frankenstein face, paint the whole nail a shade of green. Add some hair by blotting the black polish brush along the cuticle. With a toothpick, dot a set of black eyes. And as with the skull above, draw a line across your nail and create the stitches effect to make the mouth.
  3. You can create a family of Frankensteins or an entire pumpkin patch per hand. Making a monster manicure can get messy, so have polish remover and Q-tips on hand to fine-tune your Halloween nail art.

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Digital party planning for all occasions


With the multitude of options out there, planning a party has never been easier. Whether you’re getting married, hosting a shower or celebrating a mitzvah, let the internet be your guide.

Electronic invites

First things first: You need to get the word out there. Invitations set the tone for your get-together, so choose wisely. Protect Mother Earth (and your pocketbook) by going paperless. Websites like Evite provide a wide range of invitations. Paperless Post is another great option. Paperless Post prides itself on their unique invitations that reflect your personal style in an innovative way. To borrow their own words: “Beautiful design meets seamless technology”. Perhaps best of all, it’s free! Plus, think of all the money you’ll save on stamps. And, if you’re really feeling low-key about your impending fête, there’s always Facebook to connect your invitees to your event.

Digital disc jockey

A laptop can make a digital DJ come to life. Songzaand its extensive genres can satisfy even the biggest of music snobs at no cost. Grooveshark is great for artists or albums, but Songza casts a much wider net and supplies a variety of sounds all within one playlist. Connect to the venue’s sound system, and you’re in broadcasting business.

Online printing services

Worried about your great aunt’s lack of wireless service? Then you might want to check out services like Vistaprint for your paper needs. Customize everything from itineraries to thank-you cards for your special day. Etsy is another easy alternative to personalizing your paper needs. Templates are available for purchase (reasonably priced at that), and then print your pretty little heart out. Bonus: the nice people atWedding Chicks have templates you can customize at no cost.

Check out stress-free party planning >>

Photography technology

Your crafty cousin will be clicking away with her Canon camera (as well as nearly every other attendee), so why pay for a professional photographer for your child’s birthday party? Create a personalized hashtag on Instagram so that guests can check out all the photos from the big event. If you’re not on Instagram, websites likePixlr allow you to edit pictures painlessly. Plus, once you’re done there’s a ton of online photobook options; Shutterfly anyone?

Party invite | Sheknows.ca

Pinterest party planner

Pinterest revolutionized the way we prepare for major life moments, from decorating a child’s room to unique ways to say “I do.” The collection of your design and decor inspiration all grouped together in one place facilitates event planning.

Need more inspiration?

Party planning blogs are a great source of ideas and inspiration. In addition, many of them even offer free printables that you can use to customize your own party. Consider them your very own virtual event stylists! Our favourites include:

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Hit home room with style! Peel yourself off the couch, and get ready for back to school. Before heading to class, a little shopping is always in order.

Kimberly Lamontagne did her homework as she studied the styles and calculated the trends. Here’s what accessories she’s adding to her cart this semester.

1. Awesome rings

Via thevivaciouschic.wordpress.com

Taking notes will be a lot less dull with these dazzlers on each joint.

2. Stud-tastic phone cases

Via etsy.com

It’s time to dress those digital devices; this case is the perfect cross between floral and studs.

3. Living à la Gossip Girl

Via grizzlygadgets.com

Keeping gadgets safe & sound in, or out of a locker is a cinch, while daydreams of a semester abroad in the city of lights à la Serena and Blair may occur. #RIPGossipGirl


4. Old school classics

Via urbanoutfitters.com

These sneakers are hardly a new creation, but Converse have made a comeback. Since the shoes’ popular resurgence, I crave a pair of low tops ASAP.

5. Arm candy

Via Accessorize For Awareness

These charming Accessorize For Awareness bracelets that my family makes for pancreatic cancer provide instant good karma. They’re fashionable, affordable, and help to #EndPanCan. It’s #ArmCandyForACure!

6. Backpacks

Via hypebeast.com

And, now I’d like to take all of the above, and store it in a Herschel bag. But, not just any backpack — a birdie back pack!

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Asides from donning your favourite shark costume or sitting down to watch Jaws for the umpteenth time, there are other ways to celebrate Angry Fish Week a.k.a. Shark Week. Like a great white stalking its prey, we’ve hunted down the very best nail art Shark Week has to offer.

Via-chrissynailart.tumblr.com_This shark-travaganza tops the list because of its amazing artistry and detail. [Viachrissynailart.tumblr.com]

Via-ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com_Claws for Jaws! The added touch of pointed nails is so simple, and effective. It blows these other shark selections out of the water. [Via ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com]

Via-basecoat-topcoat.tumblr.com_Great white sharks reign supreme all week, but were lending the spotlight to our hammerhead homies. [Via basecoat-topcoat.tumblr.com]
Via-racked.com_While only teeth are visible on this bare bones manicure, we think it’s bloody brilliant! [Via Racked.com]
Via-The-Daily-NailA cartoonified rendition of sharky’s feeding time gets our seal of approval. (Ha! Get it?) [Via The Daily Nail]
Via-PinterestHonourable mention goes to the meticulous marine biology lover who painstakingly clipped her nails into serrated shape excellency. [Via Pinterest]

Go forth and conquer Shark Week nails! May your manicure last longer than Snuffy the Seal.

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