10 Alternative wedding venues


Your wedding should represent you and your spouse-to-be. What defines you as a couple? Let your interests set the tone for your wedding day setting.

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Acoustic perfection

Jazz up your celebration by getting hitched at a concert hall. Just think of the acoustics! You know the music will sound spectacular.


Back to your roots

There’s a very familial feeling inherent with farmhouses, so what better setting to join two clans together? Walking down the aisle, surrounded by rustic wood… The vintage vibe is perfect for a pair in love.


Wedding carnival

Outdoor weddings are nothing new, but golf courses have had their day in the sun. Make your first steps into the journey of holy matrimony an adventure, and host your shindig at an amusement park.

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For the film fanatics: Rent a movie theatre and screen some classics or home movies of you and your partner. Depending on your videographer, footage of the bride and groom getting ready might be available by the time the reception rolls around. A Mason jar filled with kernels or candy could be your party favours.


Library party

Sex and the City laid the groundwork for many things in relation to relationships, and since Carrie Bradshaw wed in the iconic New York Public Library, many are following suit.


Night at the museum

Modern? Contemporary? Whatever your style, there’s a museum for that. Steeped in culture, these locations need minimal decorating, since the walls are already adorned with art.


The ball game

Are sports your thing? There’s no shortage of seating where stadiums are concerned. Wedding guests love pigs in a blanket, so hit a home run and serve up gourmet hot dogs, or get food trucks to park at the entrance of the arena.


Woodland charm

A forest will make your entry into marriage magical. Be at one with nature, and whether or not green is part of your colour scheme, the lush surroundings will captivate your guests. Add some fairy lights for true enchantment.


In port

Skip the seasickness, and don’t sail away. Keep the boat afloat, and the dock can serve as an extension of your ship. Dance the night away under the stars and over the water.


Industrial edge

Warehouses are all the rage. The industrial feel coupled with old-fashioned elements is a winning design combo. Many old buildings have rooftop access, which is great for taking photos or for a welcome cocktail.

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Digital party planning for all occasions


With the multitude of options out there, planning a party has never been easier. Whether you’re getting married, hosting a shower or celebrating a mitzvah, let the internet be your guide.

Electronic invites

First things first: You need to get the word out there. Invitations set the tone for your get-together, so choose wisely. Protect Mother Earth (and your pocketbook) by going paperless. Websites like Evite provide a wide range of invitations. Paperless Post is another great option. Paperless Post prides itself on their unique invitations that reflect your personal style in an innovative way. To borrow their own words: “Beautiful design meets seamless technology”. Perhaps best of all, it’s free! Plus, think of all the money you’ll save on stamps. And, if you’re really feeling low-key about your impending fête, there’s always Facebook to connect your invitees to your event.

Digital disc jockey

A laptop can make a digital DJ come to life. Songzaand its extensive genres can satisfy even the biggest of music snobs at no cost. Grooveshark is great for artists or albums, but Songza casts a much wider net and supplies a variety of sounds all within one playlist. Connect to the venue’s sound system, and you’re in broadcasting business.

Online printing services

Worried about your great aunt’s lack of wireless service? Then you might want to check out services like Vistaprint for your paper needs. Customize everything from itineraries to thank-you cards for your special day. Etsy is another easy alternative to personalizing your paper needs. Templates are available for purchase (reasonably priced at that), and then print your pretty little heart out. Bonus: the nice people atWedding Chicks have templates you can customize at no cost.

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Photography technology

Your crafty cousin will be clicking away with her Canon camera (as well as nearly every other attendee), so why pay for a professional photographer for your child’s birthday party? Create a personalized hashtag on Instagram so that guests can check out all the photos from the big event. If you’re not on Instagram, websites likePixlr allow you to edit pictures painlessly. Plus, once you’re done there’s a ton of online photobook options; Shutterfly anyone?

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Pinterest party planner

Pinterest revolutionized the way we prepare for major life moments, from decorating a child’s room to unique ways to say “I do.” The collection of your design and decor inspiration all grouped together in one place facilitates event planning.

Need more inspiration?

Party planning blogs are a great source of ideas and inspiration. In addition, many of them even offer free printables that you can use to customize your own party. Consider them your very own virtual event stylists! Our favourites include:

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To T.O. I Go

Today makes for a week since my arrival in T-Dot. And, like John Graves Simcoe before me, I have begun to discover Toronto.

A friend asked me whether I was going to blog about my move, and while I thought it was a good idea, I just didn’t know what else I would say besides the fact that I up’d and left my hometown. Then, it hit me– as a Hab transplant in Leafs-town, I have loads to say!

For starters, I compare everything in Toronto to Montreal (with Montreal coming out on top again and again). Those who know me, might say “You’re from Laval!” None the less, I was born in a Montreal hospital, therefore binding me to the city for eternity. In any case, I spent most of my formative years in and around Montreal whilst attending college and university in the city.

Quebec is not dubbed “La Belle Province” for nothing. It’s a beautiful place to grow up and will forever be my home. Travelling abroad and citing I’m from Montreal sends all who I encounter into a gushing frenzy with nothing but nice things to say. Case in point. Montreal has charm. Toronto is growing on me, but the city is so expansive; all intimacy is lost.

Getting to know a new city, one relies heavily on public transport. As I am used to Montreal’s award winning subway system [Best Transportation Company in North America in 2010] I have certain qualms regarding T.O.’s underground situation. For starters, they should adopt a plan similar to the Société de Transport de Montréal’s (STM) Opus card—a rechargeable card one uploads with money for individual tickets or weekly or monthly passes to ride the metro. The continuous usage of non-recyclable plastic by Torontonians for transport is inefficient and impractical.

F.Y.I.: The STM is now facing a short list of finalists in the race for Best Metro in the Americas.

Moving on, Montreal is renown for its palatable pleasures (clearly, a hands down win against Toronto). I checked out Caplansky’s, which doesn’t come close to Schwartz’s, but their smoked meat isn’t half bad.

The Royal Ontario Museum [ROM] leads to hours of enjoyment. Especially, the Water Exhibit which explores earth’s not-so plentiful resource brought to T.O. in part by the American Museum of Natural History and runs until Labour Day.

Conveniently, my relocation came at the same time as the Hot Docs film festival. Montreal is a city of festivals, but Hot Docs is the only festival like it in North America. The quick flash of my Concordia student I.D. (which thankfully does not expire for a few more years even though I’ve recently graduated) allows for free admittance to any screening before 6 p.m. If your school days are far behind you, fourteen dollars is a more than reasonable price to pay for top-notch quality documentaries.

Also, there are various districts like Distillery, or the Annex, etc. that are reminiscent of that Montreal je ne sais quoi.

I would like to leave you with a few pointers for parting from the parents.

The Kim’s Corner Survival Guide

-Find a partner who can cook.

That’s it. Just kidding! S/he must also have a job. I’m only joking, you need not lean on anyone when moving out on your own– it totally defies the independence you are most certainly seeking after flying the coop.

Lucky for me, my boyfriend (or opposite-sex common-law partner as my recently submitted Census form states) enjoys cooking, which works out great, because I enjoy eating. I am more than capable of preparing a delectable dinner, but if he receives such joy from cooking, who am I to deny him of that?

So far, my favourite thing about Toronto is living in sin with my fellow Montrealer [boyfriend].


Ah, the Fall. Such a romantic season. People falling in love.

I fell in love a little over 6 years ago, and am proud to say I still am. Six seems to be a recurring number in relation to my relationship.

See, my boyfriend of 6 years, lives six hours away. It hasn’t always been that way.

We met at a soccer tournament when we were twelve. Coincidentally, we then attended the same high school, and happened to be in the same class in seventh grade. As fate would have it, we were automatically paired to do an assignment together, “Je Vous Presente..” in which we interviewed each other and found out we had much in common.

We fast became friends. In tenth grade, we started dating.

All was wonderful, then he decided to up and leave for New York to further pursue an education in theatre. I had my doubts but we’ve hung in there, and have been together ever since.

Now, he’s in Toronto, and I’m still 6 hours away in Montreal.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a column/blog for some time now about love, life, relationships and all the good stuff in between. There’s no time like the present.

Alas, one post down, many, many more to come.