11 Best Date Movies Of 2011

We said goodbye to some beloved characters, welcomed back old buddies, got acquainted with new ones and here now are the 11 best date movies of 2011…

Grab that special someone, snuggle up, and enjoy!

-Kimberly Lamontagne

Crazy Stupid Love

Fellas can appreciate Ryan Gosling’s smooth talking ways, and gals (or guys) can appreciate Ryan’s smooth tush. It’s a win-win.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

Saying goodbye to our dear friends at Hogwarts was tough, which is why HP 7.5 was the perfect date movie; misery loves company! Now that it’s out on DVD, you can have a part 2 of your very own and relive the magic from the comfort of your couch.

The Hangover II

Nothing brings people together like a sequel. Pick apart your fave Hangover moments as a couple, as you compare and contrast each film.


A tissue and a shoulder to cry into, should be mandatory for this tearjerker. The comedic drama about cancer teaches us to embrace life, (and the one you’re sitting next to).

Friends With Benefits

If this film taught us anything, being friends first makes a good foundation to any relationship, and comedies! This one was great for first dates, if nothing more then to serve as a model of what a friendship could blossom into.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

This eagerly anticipated thriller is a must-see for dudes and dames. The international bestselling book, turned movie, turned movie again, packs a heavy punch, which is why we recommend seeing it in pairs– someone’s gotta lift you up and dust you off after seeing David Fincher’s latest phenomenon.


A fine cast of funny females led the way to laugh out loud moments. Not just the equivalent of The Hangover for women, this hilarious look at love and life left both men and women laughing.

Horrible Bosses

There was nothing horrible about taking your hunnie to see this flick. Hilarious plot? Check. Awesome cast? Check. Great date? Check!

The Muppets

Aside from the cuddly characters, creative cameos, and comedic storyline, this movie works wonders with couples of every age. Whether it was your first date or fiftieth, the fuzzy puppets remind us all to love and accept one another for who we are whilst breaking out into song and dance.

New Year’s Eve

This star studded movie extravaganza didn’t have critics raving, but it did have couples cuddling. The feel-good flick is filled with resolutions that just might help your relationship, too.

Captain America: The First Avenger

For the little boy in you, or the the little boy inside the dude you’re dating, eyes lit up as comic characters came to life in Captain America. And, for the chicks, this film’s leading man was easy on the eyes.

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Check Out 2011′s Famous Families: Sisters Were Totally Trending!

Celeb sisters reigned supreme this year! We searched and searched for some baby bros who hit the spotlight, but it seems 2011 was the year of the sis. These six younger siblings outshone their older sisters..

Elizabeth Olsen
Move over MK and Ash, little sister Lizzie is growing up fast! The Martha Marcy May Marlene star had critics buzzing with her silver screen debut this year. Elizabeth’s stunning portrayal in the twisted tale sparked talk about a lengthy career on screen. If that wasn’t enough, Elizabeth also co-starred with cutie Chace Crawford (link to GG Movies) in Peace, Love & Misunderstanding in 2011.

Lady Natali
Gaga’s little sis, Natali Germanotta graced the pages of Teen Vogue’s October issue. The 19 year old is studying at New York’s Parson School of Design. Monsters, beware! Expect to hear more from these two; a joint clothing line is said to be in the works.

Kylie Jenner
No stranger to being stared at, the youngest of the Kim Kardashian’s siblings walked her very first runway at New York’s Fashion Week. The reality star stomped down the catwalk for Abbey Dawn, Avril Lavigne’s clothing line (Avril is dating Kylie’s older brother, Brody Jenner). Speaking of dating, Kylie has recently been linked to Cody Simpson.

Elle Fanning
Walking in New York’s Fashion Week was also a first for Miss Fanning. It was her first time being a model in the prestigious fashion event, but Elle has been in the spotlight before. Elle shared the screen with Benjamin Button’s Brad Pitt in 2008. And, this year, Elle was featured in the sci-fi flick Super 8.

While big sis Kate Middleton got married to a Prince this spring, the press hasn’t stopped talking about her sis, Pippa’s [behind]. No way Pippa will get princess-envy, now that she’s feeling the love over her lumps. There are even websites dedicated to the beauty’s backside. That’s not all, plastic surgery hopefuls are walking in and requesting the “Pippa”.

Jamie Spears
Did you forget Britney Spears had a sister? We did, too! It was eons ago when the scandal broke about Jamie Lynn Spear’s less than celibate ways; Jamie became a momma to Maddie, who is now three. The 20-year-old made her, ahem, ‘comeback’ in Nashville this November singin’ some country tunes. Jamie has been on two Nickelodeon series, including “All That” and “Zoey 101″. We’ve got our eye on you!

~Kimberly Lamontagne

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2011 Was The Year Gossip Girl Took Over The Big Screen!

When the stars of Gossip Girl weren’t spreading secrets and sparking scandal, they were on the set of the silver screen sensations below..

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Blake Lively
Looking gorgeous as a brunette in the film, Blake starred opposite Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern (and, now the duo are dating). The superhero flick preceded Hick, where Blake was back to blonde in the coming of age comedy/drama with Chloë Grace Moretz.

Chace Crawford
Chace locked lips with the littlest Olsen sis, Elizabeth in Peace, Love and Misunderstanding. The comedic drama is charming, just like it’s cast which also includes Jane Fonda, Catherine Keener and Jeffrey Dean Morgan!

Leighton Meester
Leighton’s Blair Waldorf would never share a room with someone and in The Roommate, we see why! College roomies can be cray-cray.
Moving on, Monte Carlo wasn’t widely released, but had mega-watt celebs like Selena Gomez, Glee’s Cory Monteith, and former Gossip Girl castmate, Katie Cassidy. Finally, The Oranges features no fruit, but does fixate on an affair. With who? Unlike, Gossip Girl, are lips are selaed! The cast includes Allison Janney, Adam Brody, Catherine Keener (again!) and House’s Hugh Laurie.

Penn Badgley
Previews for Penn’s only film of 2011 were practically non-existant. And, Margin Call, was no low-bug production either; the all star cast includes Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore, Stanley Tucci, and Simon Baker. The film about a financial crisis sounds promising (and, all too familiar)!

Ed Westwick
Westwick’s alter ego Chuck Bass starred in Chalet Girl; a romantic comedy. The rom-com doesn’t look like the Brit’s cup of tea, but playing a wealthy character was right up his alley. Next up, Westwick sported a small part in J. Edgar as Agent Smith, (sounds mysterious)!

Jessica Szohr
Szohr said bye-bye to Gossip Girl at the end of season 4, freeing up her sched for such films as Love, Wedding, Marriage with co-stars Twilight’s Kellan Lutz and Mandy Moore. Alongside comedy greats, Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy, Jessica climbs to new heights in Tower Heist. Last, but not least, Szohr teams up with the original New York gal, Sarah Jessica Parker in I Don’t Know How She Does It.

Matthew Settle
Mama van der Woodsen was MIA on the movie front, but Papa Humphrey appeared as a professor in So Undercover. Rufus shared the screen with none other than Hannah Montanna’s very own Miley Cyrus.

Kristen Bell
Where would Gossip Girl stand without its naughty narrator? When not lending her powerful pipes and villainous voice to narrating the hit show, she was busying herself on the set of Scream 4 and becoming the voice of another character, this time a cartoon, on the series Robot Chicken.

~Kimberly Lamontagne

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Now THIS Is How You Dress Up For The First Day Of 2012

New Year’s Eve means a new year outfit! Maybe your closet already has these items, but if not, ring in 2012 with some glitter and glam.

Check out the hottest looks to rock out the last night of 2011!

~Kim Lamontagne

Lace Anything

Celebrate the new year in something sheer! Seductive or sweet, this elegant look can’t be beat.

Lovely Leather

Leather, or pleather, these statement slacks or vest look chic and sleek on all shapes and sizes. Plus, the pants offer plenty of mobility to dance your way through to 2012.

Metallic-a jeans

Add some shine to your trousers as you shimmy and shake 2011 away.

Surround yourself in sequins

Sparkle in a sequin jacket like these two songbirds, or in a dress, or even a skirt! Sequin; short, tall, big, or small, are a fun and flirty way to countdown the hours until the clock strikes midnight.


Carrie from Sex and the City rocked this look over a decade ago, and the signature look is a sweeping sensation once more. The puffed up skirt is playful, and perfect for partying with your pals.

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What Would You Get For Queen B?

What do you get for the bride who has it all? Giving money to someone who has so much of it is tacky, so Blair’s minions have to be crafty. Here are some suggestions we think B would LOVE (or, at least approve of)!

-Kimberly Lamontagne

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Swiss Spa

Running down to 5th Avenue for a certificate won’t cut it! You have to think BIG for Blair. Try a week’s getaway overseas; a secluded Swiss spa spells relaxation (and she’ll need it after planning a royal wedding).

Waldorf Winery

Instead of a vintage bottle of B’s favorite wine, buy her her very own vineyard! Queen B loves the French, so settle for a lot in the south of France, where B and her hubby can enjoy their grand ol’ grapes.

Wedding Singer

What could possibly be better than the gift of music? Hire a singer to serenade the bride and all her guests on her special day. We suggest Canadian crooner, Michael Bublé (To the princess, with love from Canada).

All Aboard

When Prince Rainier III of Monaco wed Princess Grace, he surprised her with a yacht (true story!). And, the future princess of Monaco deserves the same. Out at sea, B can let the ocean breeze melt the royalty woes away.

Charitable Treasures

Give her the gift that keeps on giving: create a foundation in Blair’s name! What cause would best embody Blair? Feeding the needy? How about dressing the needy? The charity could be called Blair’s Boutique– celebrities would donate their children’s designer hand-me-downs for those less fortunate, making the world a prettier place, one Prada parka at a time.

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