The Inaugural ANDPOP Bicep Battles


When it comes to avoiding doing actual work on Fridays, we here at ANDPOP are champion procrastinators. In fact, we decided to organize a mini-arm wrestling competition for this week’s Freaky Fun Friday  to help pass the time and invited some of our office besties to get their asses kicked join the fun.

With Fight Now’s Brigitte Truong hosting the shindig, the ANDPOP team tried to trash talk their way to victory. Sadly (and contrary to our beliefs), that’s not how to win at arm wrestling. So who has the biggest guns at this pathetic gun show?

Did they belong to CHCH’s social media guru Kimberly “Kimbotron” Lamontagne?ChartAttack’s editor-in-chief Richard “The ChartAttacker” Trapunski? ANDPOP’s host Simon “The Pounder” Mohos? Our web editor Portia “Mighty Mouse” Baladad? ANDPOP’s video editor Jacob “Fear The Beard” Morris? Or does the office’s most powerful biceps belong to our boss associate, Rob “Rob Ford” Ostfield?

Watch ANDPOP’s Annual Bicep Battles to find out who wins the highly coveted ass trophy!

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