10 Alternative wedding venues


Your wedding should represent you and your spouse-to-be. What defines you as a couple? Let your interests set the tone for your wedding day setting.

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Acoustic perfection

Jazz up your celebration by getting hitched at a concert hall. Just think of the acoustics! You know the music will sound spectacular.


Back to your roots

There’s a very familial feeling inherent with farmhouses, so what better setting to join two clans together? Walking down the aisle, surrounded by rustic wood… The vintage vibe is perfect for a pair in love.


Wedding carnival

Outdoor weddings are nothing new, but golf courses have had their day in the sun. Make your first steps into the journey of holy matrimony an adventure, and host your shindig at an amusement park.

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For the film fanatics: Rent a movie theatre and screen some classics or home movies of you and your partner. Depending on your videographer, footage of the bride and groom getting ready might be available by the time the reception rolls around. A Mason jar filled with kernels or candy could be your party favours.


Library party

Sex and the City laid the groundwork for many things in relation to relationships, and since Carrie Bradshaw wed in the iconic New York Public Library, many are following suit.


Night at the museum

Modern? Contemporary? Whatever your style, there’s a museum for that. Steeped in culture, these locations need minimal decorating, since the walls are already adorned with art.


The ball game

Are sports your thing? There’s no shortage of seating where stadiums are concerned. Wedding guests love pigs in a blanket, so hit a home run and serve up gourmet hot dogs, or get food trucks to park at the entrance of the arena.


Woodland charm

A forest will make your entry into marriage magical. Be at one with nature, and whether or not green is part of your colour scheme, the lush surroundings will captivate your guests. Add some fairy lights for true enchantment.


In port

Skip the seasickness, and don’t sail away. Keep the boat afloat, and the dock can serve as an extension of your ship. Dance the night away under the stars and over the water.


Industrial edge

Warehouses are all the rage. The industrial feel coupled with old-fashioned elements is a winning design combo. Many old buildings have rooftop access, which is great for taking photos or for a welcome cocktail.

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11 Best Date Movies Of 2011

We said goodbye to some beloved characters, welcomed back old buddies, got acquainted with new ones and here now are the 11 best date movies of 2011…

Grab that special someone, snuggle up, and enjoy!

-Kimberly Lamontagne

Crazy Stupid Love

Fellas can appreciate Ryan Gosling’s smooth talking ways, and gals (or guys) can appreciate Ryan’s smooth tush. It’s a win-win.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

Saying goodbye to our dear friends at Hogwarts was tough, which is why HP 7.5 was the perfect date movie; misery loves company! Now that it’s out on DVD, you can have a part 2 of your very own and relive the magic from the comfort of your couch.

The Hangover II

Nothing brings people together like a sequel. Pick apart your fave Hangover moments as a couple, as you compare and contrast each film.


A tissue and a shoulder to cry into, should be mandatory for this tearjerker. The comedic drama about cancer teaches us to embrace life, (and the one you’re sitting next to).

Friends With Benefits

If this film taught us anything, being friends first makes a good foundation to any relationship, and comedies! This one was great for first dates, if nothing more then to serve as a model of what a friendship could blossom into.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

This eagerly anticipated thriller is a must-see for dudes and dames. The international bestselling book, turned movie, turned movie again, packs a heavy punch, which is why we recommend seeing it in pairs– someone’s gotta lift you up and dust you off after seeing David Fincher’s latest phenomenon.


A fine cast of funny females led the way to laugh out loud moments. Not just the equivalent of The Hangover for women, this hilarious look at love and life left both men and women laughing.

Horrible Bosses

There was nothing horrible about taking your hunnie to see this flick. Hilarious plot? Check. Awesome cast? Check. Great date? Check!

The Muppets

Aside from the cuddly characters, creative cameos, and comedic storyline, this movie works wonders with couples of every age. Whether it was your first date or fiftieth, the fuzzy puppets remind us all to love and accept one another for who we are whilst breaking out into song and dance.

New Year’s Eve

This star studded movie extravaganza didn’t have critics raving, but it did have couples cuddling. The feel-good flick is filled with resolutions that just might help your relationship, too.

Captain America: The First Avenger

For the little boy in you, or the the little boy inside the dude you’re dating, eyes lit up as comic characters came to life in Captain America. And, for the chicks, this film’s leading man was easy on the eyes.

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Oh No She Didn’t! The Top Ten Moments From Gossip Girl!

While we await the whimsy of the upcoming wedding and whatever else 2012 has in store for our favorite Upper Eastsiders, we’ve recapped the top ten highlights of 2011.

-Kimberly Lamontagne

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Nate the newspaper man

No longer relying on his grandaddy, N got a job all on his own. Grant it, he may have been sleeping with the Editor in Chief (we’ll get to her in a moment), but kudos to Nate for securing that ‘position’. As it turns out, Gossip Girl’s resident Grandpa had bought the newspaper. Nate did prove himself to be a formidable employee, AND he looked gooood doing so, however.

Working girl

Serena joined the workforce and was a contributing member of society. Unfortunately, her job as a producer’s assistant went awry, and Serena is left serving society the best way she knows how; as a socialite. All is right in the world once more!

Princess Proposal

A proposal of princess proportions for Blair in season four! Louis Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco and Blair Cornelia Waldorf are set to wed.. when? Who knows if, where, what, why or how these two will join bonds in holy matrimony.

Deceitful Diana

Nate and Diana’s L.A. fling turned into something. The British import gave Nate a job, among other things. The devious journalist started up the Spectator, meant to rival Gossip Girl, but seemed to have more up her sleeve. A photo of her in [deceased] Bart’s files, made us question if she was Chuck’s mom? Maybe, his sister? She’s been in contact with Jack, so you know she cant be up to anything good!

B’s baby

Blair’s pregnancy came as a surprise to us, and her! One paternity test later, the father is presumably Prince Louis’. We have our suspicions that Chuck might have fathered her baby, since they slept together while her and Louis were ensemble.

Lily on the loose

Free from her ankle monitor and ready to mingle, mama van der Woodsen made her re-entry onto the New York scene this year. Why was she under house arrest to begin with, you ask? She forged Serena’s signature many moons ago landing Ben in jail.

Inside’s Insider

Dear ol’ Dan has published his diary.. we mean, his debut novel. He claimed his writing was a work of fiction, but he managed to make many of his friends mad; the storyline hit all too close to home for the main characters in his book, and his life!

Cousin Charlie

This outsider made a re-entry on Manhattan’s social scene. Serena’s ousted cousin (an actor named Ivy Dickens pretending to be Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Rhodes) was introduced in season four, but left after she went cray-cray and stole Serena’s dress, Dan, and went off her meds. S dragged her back after a chance encounter in L.A. over summer, and Charlie has since been enchanted by the Eastsider lifestyle.

Sugar and spice, Chuck is nice!

Has Chuck really become the man Blair hoped he could be? Indeed he has. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and losing Blair was the recipe to turn him into the respectable man he is today (the man she most craves).

Adios Vanessa

Dan said good-bye to Vanessa, and hello to a book deal. Dan has become much more enjoyable now that he’s lost his sidekick. Ms. Abrams sold Dan’s story and had it published before fleeing to study abroad in Spain.


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What Would You Get For Queen B?

What do you get for the bride who has it all? Giving money to someone who has so much of it is tacky, so Blair’s minions have to be crafty. Here are some suggestions we think B would LOVE (or, at least approve of)!

-Kimberly Lamontagne

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Swiss Spa

Running down to 5th Avenue for a certificate won’t cut it! You have to think BIG for Blair. Try a week’s getaway overseas; a secluded Swiss spa spells relaxation (and she’ll need it after planning a royal wedding).

Waldorf Winery

Instead of a vintage bottle of B’s favorite wine, buy her her very own vineyard! Queen B loves the French, so settle for a lot in the south of France, where B and her hubby can enjoy their grand ol’ grapes.

Wedding Singer

What could possibly be better than the gift of music? Hire a singer to serenade the bride and all her guests on her special day. We suggest Canadian crooner, Michael Bublé (To the princess, with love from Canada).

All Aboard

When Prince Rainier III of Monaco wed Princess Grace, he surprised her with a yacht (true story!). And, the future princess of Monaco deserves the same. Out at sea, B can let the ocean breeze melt the royalty woes away.

Charitable Treasures

Give her the gift that keeps on giving: create a foundation in Blair’s name! What cause would best embody Blair? Feeding the needy? How about dressing the needy? The charity could be called Blair’s Boutique– celebrities would donate their children’s designer hand-me-downs for those less fortunate, making the world a prettier place, one Prada parka at a time.

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Young, Old, The Young + The Old: Check Out The Hottest Celeb Hook-Ups of 2011!

Riddle this, dear readers: what’s better than a Hollywood hottie? TWO Hollywood hotties hooking up! We dissect the dynamic duos that doubled up this year.

-Kimberly Lamontagne

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Canada’s homegrown hottie and his Green Lantern co-star, lit up the silver screen, and now they’re lighting up our lives. The low-key couple are easy on the eyes. Wishing them many, many years together and a happily ever after.

Selena and the Biebs

It seems like forever that Justin Bieber and his “Favorite Girl”, Selena Gomez have been linked, BUT– the couple only went public in March after months of denying it. The picture perfect pair rule iPods (and hearts) everywhere.

Kylie Jenner and Cody Simpson

The adorable Aussie and reality TV star have been seen out and about, but Simpson maintains the two are ‘just friends’. Hmmm, we seem to remember another teen heartthrob singing the same tune this time last year. It’s only a matter of time before the two make it official, like JB and Gomez.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Another homegrown hunk made our list, and this new pairing startled a few (is it wrong that we hope Ryan and Rachel McAdams will reunite to reform Canada’s Cutest Couple?). Either way, these actors are mucho caliente, and seem down to earth; Ryan took the Cuban-beauty on a date to Disneyland. They met while filming The Place Beyond the Pines.

J.Lo and Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez, 42, and her back-up dancer dude, 24, are sweatin’ up a storm! The heat is on as these two tango her troubles away. Fresh from a divorce, Jenny and her boy toy were seen jet setting to tropical destinations. Love at first flight?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Stone needs no “Help” landing a leading man. The Amazing Spider-Man co-stars buried their romance within a web of lies, but the truth lays tangled no more. These cuties provide comic relief on screen and make for a gorgeous coupling off screen.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Justin who? Before he started hanging out with America’s Sweetheart, no one knew Mr. Theroux (who is also an actor FYI). They’ve been dating since the spring, and appear to be going strong.

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